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We bring games to the neighborhoods

At Meraki Jocs, we see public facilities and civil society organizations as spaces for the democratization of culture. That's why we understand that the game is a key element that must be part of these spaces. Games are culture, and as such they should be enjoyed and built by citizens in their spaces of participation and relation.



Screen-free entertainment

We dynamize recreational spaces around a table, where we look into each other's eyes and relate to each other in an analog way. We propose cooperative games, championships, relaxed and recreational spaces, etc.

We also advise you on the games that fit in your own game library.


Board game design

We create a creative environment using game design, where the participants will be the authors of the resulting games.

There are several ways to approach game design, we can accompany the entity in creating a game with a specific goal. Or we can focus on the design process, putting the emphasis on other aspects to work on other objectives transversally.


Escaperooms and Break Out Edus

We turn your facilities into spaces full of puzzles which can only be solved as a team and using ingenuity.

We listen to your proposals and adapt to the topic you choose, and in one of the following formats:

- Escape Room

-Break Out Edu

-Clues game for the environment


Trainings and Workshops

We share our knowledge on game based learning, and we are enriched by the experiences of the participants.

We offer different trainings and workshops around game methodologies, adapting to the goals, needs and characteristics of your project. Some of the topics around which we build these workshops and trainings are:

-Game Based Learning (GBL)

-Board game design as a pedagogical tool


- Non-formal education

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us

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