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Let's introduce ourselves: What is Meraki Jocs?

Ens presentem
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Meraki is a Greek word that has no direct translation into any other language. The best definition of meraki is "that which comes from the soul, made with creativity and love". At Meraki Jocs we think it's a perfect way to explain who we are and what we do. Our goal is to create engaging educational content, usually in the shape of a game or workshop, that can help teachers, monitors or any educator interested in a different way of approaching education.

If what you want is to enhance your classes​ or educational spaces, we also offer a gamification service aimed at extracting all the juice from syllabuses, processes, and teaching hours.

Finally, at Meraki Jocs we believe in training as a key element; we offer sessions and dynamics adapted to different environments and realities to be able to implement our proposals.

com treballem?

another way to learn

At Meraki Jocs we believe in experiential and participatory education. That's why we design and implement tailor-made workshops and educational capsules for schools, institutes, organizations, educational centers, community centers, youth centers, town halls, cultural facilities, companies, and others.

Our contents are designed to bring different topics closer to students in a fun, direct and entertaining way, using the different resources within our methodology, designed for any age and type of group.

game-based learning

GBL is a learning methodology that uses the game as a pedagogical tool. At Meraki, we design specific games for our workshops that approach the content in an entertaining and direct way.



Board game design is a very good tool itself. Beyond the resulting game, the design process make us to dive in the chosen topic, to work on decision-making and teamwork, to enhance creativity and problem-solving, among many other skills very necessary in our society.


breakout edu

All the fun of an Escape Room but filled with educational content, and without leaving the classroom! Our team is specialized in the creation of this type of content to make learning more fun and engaging.



Gamification is a methodology that introduce specific game elements into non-playful environments and processes. It allows us to make more engaging an activity that, a priori, is not attractive or motivating. From Meraki Jocs we propose gamifications to accompany educational projects, company processes, cultural activities, etc.


Participation and dynamics

“They told me and I forgot; I saw it and understood it; I did it and I learned it." Following this well-known proverb, at Meraki we design our dynamics and activities to encourage group participation and cooperative work.

Meraki Jocs team

Our team is made up of formal and non-formal education professionals with years of experience in the educational field, and in the creation of pedagogical content. Even thought Meraki we know we don't know everything, and we rely on a network of education professionals and experts who advise us on each of our projects.

L'equip Meraki

June I break

I have a degree in psychopedagogy and audiovisuals. Specialized in PBL, neurolinguistic programming and international cooperation.

I have lived in several countries and I believe in pursuing a comprehensive education that embraces the formation of affectivity, creativity, critical thinking, social interaction and the synergy of different types of intelligence.



I am a socio-cultural animator specialized in non-formal education with children and young people.

Since 2004 I have worked and volunteered using the game as an educational tool at home (Barcelona), New Zealand, India, Canada, and Mexico.

I am passionate about education and love to play!!


I am a journalist and designer, but I have spent mostof my life dedicated to the world of education and associationism, training people and creating pedagogical content. Games (on the street, on the table or on the computer) are my passion.


I love playing with them, deconstructing them and turning them upside down to get all the juice out of them!

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I am a Telecommunications Engineer and a bit of a Mathematician. I have been in the world of non-formal education for more than half my life and have volunteered and trained in various local and international areas.

I love making up games and watching the very different dynamics that are created by changing the rules slightly. I think that games are great for building complex real experiences in a guided way... And it's fun!


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