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Develop skills to live and success in a changing and uncertain world!

Currently, the world's challenges are increasingly broad and complex, involving many variables that cover areas such as economic, social, geographical, technological and cultural, which produce a scenario characterized by uncertainty. One of the ways to face this uncertain scenario is entrepreneurship and the skills associated with it.

Firstly, we must acquire a
critical view of the society in which we live, identify the opportunities in it taking into account and trying to reverse the inequalities and privileges that make it up.

We propose three types of projects:

On the one hand,
social entrepreneurship projects, in which the participants carry out a Service-Learning project, in which they undertake a transformative action in their environment.

On the other hand, the
development of a board game project of their own with specific resources, where they will have to manage a budget, a team, times, objectives, etc. To finish producing an evaluable final product (together with the process).

Finally, we propose workshops with
games and dynamics to work on the skills and values ​​of entrepreneurship.

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