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Synthesis credits
& Camps

Immersion, conviviality, fun and learning!

We spend a few days of conviviality in contact with nature or discovering other cities, where the group becomes a team.


We propose two different modalities, the synthesis credits and the camps.


As synthesis credits, we will mix spaces where we will work on the project and the topics agreed with the teaching team, with leisure or recreational activities. During the days that the activity lasts, each group must develop a project, which must be presented on the last day, and which can be evaluated by the teaching team.

   The topics proposed by Meraki are:

  • Creating a board game

  • Human rights

  • Climate emergency

  • Fake News and Social Media ​


On the other hand, as camps we will focus the activities on the development of the group and the discovery of the natural, cultural or social environment. ​


In both modalities we will work on specific aspects of the group, such as cooperation, non-violent conflict resolution, communication, etc.

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If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us

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