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Gamification is turning everyday activities, educational lessons, activities, or business processes into more interesting ones by introducing game elements. Such as a narrative, levels, challenges, etc. At Meraki we love to play and where better than in daily life?



Educational gamification

The power of games brought to the classroom and the techniques to adapt games to our pedagogical goals are the protagonists of this training.

This exciting training is an opportunity for teachers and educators who want to turn learning into a fun and meaningful adventure. Discover how to use creative games to captivate and inspire students, while driving their learning and participation. An experience that will enrich the way you teach.

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Gamification of cultural visits

Learn how to create your own educational board games with this training.

If you want to generate engaging educational content in the shape of a game, learn the basics of game creation, learn the tools to turn your ideas into board games to take to your classroom, this training is ideal for a creative person like you.


Gamification of participation processes

We dynamize and enrich participation processes with associations, schools, neighborhoods, or companies.

Thanks to our gamified methodology, we guarantee the participation of the collective or group to identify needs and opinions, draw conclusions and generate proposals in a fun and realistic way.


Gamification for companies

We introduce game elements in the day-to-day processes, making them more attractive, motivating and challenging.

We analyze the jobs, dynamics, and services of the company, we identify the possibilities of making them more enjoyable, and we add specific game elements in order to turn them into challenges to be met by the workers and clients.

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