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We share our knowledge

At Meraki Jocs we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and creating joint learning situations, which is why we offer our training aimed at educational agents such as teaching teams, leisure monitors or directors, youth workers or students in training to become educators both in field of formal education as well as non-formal education.



Game-Based Learning (GBL)

The power of play brought to the classroom and the techniques to adapt games to our pedagogical goals are the protagonists of this training.

This exciting training is an opportunity for teachers and educators who want to turn learning into a fun and meaningful adventure. Discover how to use creative games to captivate and inspire students, while driving their learning and participation. An experience that will enrich the way you teach.


Educational board game design

Learn how to create your own educational board games with this training.

If you want to generate engaging educational content in the shape of a game, learn the basics of game creation, learn the tools to turn your ideas into board games to take to your classroom, this training is ideal for a creative person like you .


Game design process as an educational tool

Let's find out how to approach the challenge of creating a board game to children and youngsters.

With this training, we will learn the possibilities game design has to offer as an educational methodology framed within project-based learning. We will see that in addition to working on curricular content, other aspects can be worked on in a more transversal way during the design process, and we will learn to adapt the process to your goals depending on the group.




Gamify your activities, projects or classes thanks to the techniques you will learn in this training.

Gamification is a concept that has become very fashionable recently, but which is sometimes confused with other game methodologies such as GBL or educational board games. During this training, the full potential of this educational support tool for other processes will become clear to you.  And you will learn how to make the participants in the projects you lead more engaged and motivated.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us

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