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we create playful elements and experiences

One of the most creative sides of Meraki Jocs is the design and materialization of fun ideas into the shape of board games, Escaperooms, Break Out Edus or Non-formal educational games and programs. We have already created games, just for fun or to work on specific goals, we can also create custom games or accompany you in the creation process.

Game design


Custom board games

We turn your idea into a reality, whether what you want to create is an educational board game, and you only have the pedagogical goal to achieve. Or whether you want to create a game to promote your company. Or if you've always had a game idea in mind, but you don't know where to start. We'll help you to develop a real board game.

We take care of everything you need, from the construction of the narrative or thematic, the definition of the game mechanics, the drafting of the regulations, the graphic design thereof, the testing and the final production.

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Escaperooms and Break Out Edus

We create Escaperooms, Break Out Edus and Outdoor Clues Games

Whether you want to work on a specific theme in the classroom, if you want to celebrate a different and personalized event, or your goal is for the participants to get to know a specific environment; This game design option will not leave anyone indifferent, and it will be a very powerful experience.

We adapt to the spaces and budgets you have.


Non-formal educational activities

Active and experiential games that challenge us in a safe environment and allow us to work on very different goals while having fun.

The roots of Meraki come from the world of non-formal educational and have extensive experience in this sector. We know the power of experiential play, that's why we also offer to design activities for non-formal educational companies, from the development of teaching material to training; we organize camps, gymkhanas, and one-day events with our monitors, or training your monitors or teachers to run the activities designed by us.


Our own games

Board games created with soul, as our name suggests.

At Meraki we have a wide range of educational games created specifically to work on different subjects and skills specified in the school curriculum, such as renewable energies, first aid, the periodic table or fake news among others. We also have some purely fun games where you create potions, raid a castle or rob a bank.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us

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