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let's play at work

Games let us generate different dynamics, experiment and to test ourselves in a safe environment in which to experiment and grow. Many of the game's elements, taken to business processes and projects, will make us enjoy the specific tasks and will help us to improve creative processes, conflict resolution and will force us to develop social and logical skills.



Playful After Office

We create fun environments after working hours that strengthen relationships between workers while helping to develop positive team skills.

The benefits of play and relaxed spaces help to create a better atmosphere in the office, and this directly affects the improvement of the quality of work.


Team Building

We dynamize team building days thanks to which we weave deeper relationships between the workers.

This proposal provides benefits in different areas:

-Builds a relationship of trust between the workers

-It helps us to identify roles and work on communication strategies

-We enjoy time together achieving common goals without the pressure of work


Gamification of Processes

We add playful elements to the day-to-day processes, making them more attractive, engaging and challenging.

We analyze the jobs, dynamics, and services of the company. Furthermore, we identify the possibilities of making them more enjoyable, and we add specific game elements in order to turn them into challenges to be met by the workers and clients.


Transversal Games and Track Games

We introduce the game transversally into the workplace, making this space a work-play space.

We propose two different modalities. On the one hand, we suggest a game between the workers that generates a better working environment. On the other hand, we create a game of clues that the workers can solve during the time that the game lasts and that can be related to a future event, to the history of the company, etc.

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